Live Your Best Eco Life



Hello and warm welcome to Eco Friendly Life! 
I'm Jess, the owner and founder of our family run online shop. 
I have been worried about the environment for many years and feel a terrifying panic when I see the current state of the world. Its overwhelming to think that every piece of hard plastic that has been made is still on this planet, whether in landfill or the ocean and will still be here long after we have all passed.
We are all made from the earth in a complex yet simple way, and when we die we become part of the earth once again. The earth provides a home for us, food, air and all that we need to survive. We all talk about taking care of ourselves but what about the environment? 
Since becoming a mother, I want to ensure my son and future generations live a healthy life. We must give back to the earth what has been given to us. It starts with reducing pollution and waste in our homes, keeping the air clean, taking care of our environment and ensuring wildlife and plants can thrive and be free from problems created by humans. 
I come from a place of love and encouragement and only wish to help people live a greener, more sustainable life. 
The products that I sell are my 'tried and tested' favourite items that work well within my busy, working, mum life.
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Peace and love
Jess -x-